TED Talks That Go Viral Have One Thing In Common

Fecha del artículo: 4 de marzo de 2016

Fuente: Forbes.com

Autor: Carmine Gallo

“What sets TED Talks apart is that the big ideas are wrapped up in personal stories.” In one sentence 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose perfectly captured the magic that makes TED a global phenomenon.

At TED 2016, Shonda Rhimes—the powerhouse creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal—gave a deeply personal, revealing presentation. In its first week on the TED.com website, Rhimes’ talk has been viewed nearly 775,000 times. In the talk we learn about all of the things that scared Rhimes, notably her social anxiety over public speaking, appearing on live interviews, and acting. Once Rhimes began saying “yes” to doing those things that scared her, she discovered they weren’t that scary at all.


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